Flanagan Prairie
April 17-18, 2004

It was about time I spent a Saturday at home doing chores instead of going off on another adventure, but by afternoon I had the entire yard weed-eaten and had done eight loads of laundry, so I decided to reward myself with a quick trip to practice some camera techniques. I'm going to a Tim Ernst photography workshop next week and there are still some basic things about close-up shots that I know almost nothing about. Also, Cliff was under the impression we were going hiking today and I didn't want to disappoint him too much.
There are a couple of tracts of prairie land near Charleston that are protected thanks to the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. I thought these might be good spots for some spring wildflowers and maybe a sunset photo. We arrived at Flanagan Prairie about 20 minutes before sundown. While it wasn't exactly an ocean of wildflowers, there were lots of little yellow Wingstem daisies and some orange Indian Paintbrush here and there. I rushed to get some shots while there was still light, and Cliff ran off in search of prairie dogs! I didn't have the heart to tell him there weren't any.
I also found some patches of tiny yellow Buttercups low to the ground. While I was trying to shoot them, Cliff found a ladybug nearby and wanted me to get a picture of it too. We were robbed of a nice sunset by some thick clouds right on the horizon so we headed back home early.
I returned early the next morning for another try. There was just enough breeze to move all the flowers around and make it impossible to photograph them, but I did get to witness a great sunrise.