Devils Den
April 5, 2003

I'd been to Devils Den many times as a kid, but I spent most of my time hiking along Lee Creek, while my older brother Ron loved to go up and explore around Devils Den Cave and Devils Icebox. He'd come back with mud from head to toe. I think I went up there with him once, but for some reason I wasn't impressed; and so all these years I've been ignorant of the scenic delights along the Devils Den trail.
Cliff and I made the short drive there late on the afternoon of April 22 to find a geocache. I could not believe how much cool stuff there was along the trail - bluffs, overhangs, neat rock formations and waterfalls. Cliff was excited by all the sites too. He was practically running along the trail, and it was tough keeping up with him. He went into The Icebox far enough to learn where it got its name. We brought flashlights and Cliff made his first trip inside a cave. I think he's hooked!
We returned two weeks later with Wanda, Stacey, and Grant to find another geocache at an area the mountain bike people call Gravity Cavity. We started off at the Butterfield Trail parking lot and walked upstream following the creek. There were numerous buckeye trees along the way, and we passed through a very nice walk-in camping area. On the way back we could see the Devils Den Falls just uphill, so we went up there to see it too.