We got up early Saturday morning and split into two groups. Five of us went with Jan to Rock Creek in the Big Piney Creek drainage. Making two trips, Jan shuttled us in his Ranger down a 4-wheeler road from Parker Ridge Road to the creek. This was a major stroke of luck for me, because a waterfall there was high up on my list of "Places that Must Be Seen" ever since I found it in its dry state in November 2008. We also hiked just downstream to another little waterfall that pours into a huge boulder-lined pool. Afterwards, while everybody else went exploring up Rock Creek, I hiked up beside a side stream coming down the mountain from the north. I found a pretty 4-foot twin waterfall cascading into a small blue-green pool, and an interesting 7-foot waterfall than ran down a narrow crack in an area where the steep stream bed was choked with huge boulders.
That afternoon, three of us drove around with Tom scouting shooting locations for later that evening. We returned to camp for a while then we all went to various locations along Falling Water Creek. I played around with a special lens, taking pictures of Blue Star flowers.
Sunday morning we drove up Highway 7 to shoot the sunrise from one of the Arkansas Grand Canyon overlooks. The sun came up right behind Round Mountain east of the Big Creek valley. Afterward we drove to the headwaters of Lonesome Hollow creek near Cowell to the waterfall there. The lighting wasn't all that great, so there was no way I could get photos any better than the ones we shot there at last year's photographer's gathering.
Photo © by Gale Rainwater