Long Pool Falls
April 29, 2005
Careful timing allowed Joey and I to see what I consider to be the last good waterfall of the rainy season, in the Ozarks at least. It seems the area around Long Pool campground on Big Piney creek has gotten more than it’s fair share of the rain this spring. A small storm system fired up Thursday night above Long Pool, then another storm blessed the region the next morning so we took off early from work in search of falling water. Long Pool Falls wasn’t exactly high on my list of waterfalls to visit, but beggars can’t be choosers.
We parked the truck at one of the picnic spots and headed up a trail on the east side of the creek. This was my first trip to the woods since things had completely greened up, and it was a pleasant shock to the senses. In less than 10 minutes we arrived at the spot where the trail crosses a small stream coming down the hill from the right. The smaller of the two Long Pool falls was just up the hill.
Next we followed a worn path up to the left and above the small waterfall, zig-zagging through moss-covered boulders to the base of the tall 44-foot fall. I had explored the huge horseshoe hollow back in the winter of 2003, and it was nice this time around to see the falls running and the trees filled with green leaves. My lens was fogged up when I got the camera back out to snap a shot of Joey shooting the falls. While I was waiting for it to clear up I looked through the viewfinder and liked the effect so I did a quick handheld shot.
We didn’t stick around long ‘cause we got greedy and decided to drive up to Haw Creek campground to see how the falls were running there. Haw Creek Falls were amazing alright, but not because of a huge amount of water. Rather it was the fact that although we were only 10 miles away from the beautiful running waterfalls at Long Pool, Haw Creek Falls were just about as dry as I’d ever seen them. Good thing we have all these weather radar images to help us figure out where to go waterfall chasing.