Cane Hill
August 17, 2003

We haven't been anywhere in a month - either I've been working seven days a week or it's been too darn hot. Two new geocaches were placed in the Cane Hill community, so the boys and I went out in hopes of being the first to find them - something that a lot of geocachers like to brag about.
The first stop was the remains of an old water powered grist mill. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as "The Pyeatte Mill Site". The water wheel always looks so majestic from Highway 45. Unfortunately there was a lot of trash at the site.
Then we drove up the rode to the site of Canehill College - the first degree granting institution in the state. I understand there are stone grinding wheels on the Northeast corner of the fence, possibly from the old grist mill.
There was an old merry-go-round by the college, and of course the boys had to play on it. On the way home we drove in to a convenience store to get some kid fuel. Grant got his chocolate "donduts" and the world was at peace.