Armadillo Falls
December 14, 2003

On my hike back from Lost Valley I made a left turn to the North to check out Armadillo Falls. They weren't running, but I'm still glad I made the hike up to them.
Once you get uphill some from Clark Creek  you start to realize there are some really big bluffs up above. They look like the same kind of bluffs that are right on the Buffalo River, but the view of these is obstructed by all the trees.
As you're following the wash you come to this amazing place where the creek has made a C-shaped cut underneath a bluff overhang. Next to this undercut is a cone-shaped mound of debris that has fallen off the bluffs above over time. There are a few trees and ferns growing on the debris mound, with one tree about a foot in diameter growing almost directly on top.
Just as you exit the overhang you come to a pretty three-foot waterfall. The creek heads straight uphill from there until the area around Armadillo Falls.
Just below the falls is another unique place. The stream makes a reverse C-shaped curve to the left at a shallower undercut. There is also a downward slope to the stream here, and the stream goes over smooth, solid rock.
I found something unexpected when I arrived at the base of the lower falls (according to Tim Ernst's Arkansas Waterfalls there are a series of three falls here). There was a hole in the undercut bluff, and more water was pouring out of the hole than was coming over the other fall. In fact, Tim Ernst never even mentions the hole in his Arkansas Waterfalls book. Very curious. Maybe he wanted the hole to be a surprise for  us! I do have to add that when I look back at the amazing pictures in his book, the true fall is gushing with water while the hole appears to not be running any more than it is in my picture.
Anyway, once at the base of the true fall, I backed up to see what I could see of the area uphill. I could actually see a third waterfall up there - just barely. I don't know how tall it is - could be 3 foot could be 30 - all I could see was the top of it. From this vantage point you could see the tall bluffs uphill, which was just amazing.
Maybe years from now I'll run out of places I haven't seen and will try to find a way down to the area from above.