Fall Snapshots
December 14, 2007
I only have a few spare photos and untold stories from this fall. I simply didn’t get out as much, especially the first half of the season. I worked a lot in late September and October, and the weather conditions most weekends weren’t inspiring. I think I already had my heart set on colorful fall foliage, which didn’t arrive until way later this year.
Friday evening, October 19, I made quite the road trip in search for a location to view and photograph the Orionid meteor shower, which occurs when the Earth passes through the dust trail of Haley’s comet. I drove down to Mount Magazine and tried to find the “famous tree”, hoping it would make a good foreground for some pictures, but had no luck. I ran over to Solstice Point but didn’t see anything I liked there either. The horse camp area looked promising, but a large group of deer hunters pulled in to camp in my area as I was leaving. On the return drive I made a big detour to Shores Lake. In the dark I found a suitable location.
I returned at 4 a.m. and saw lots of meteors, though none of them were bright enough for my camera to pick them up. The sight of a very bright Venus rising over the ridge to the East is something I’ll never forget.
The following weekend Stacey and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs. The morning before we left, we went for a nice drive up Highway 23 then over to the town of Beaver. We made a big circle over to the Beaver Lake dam. We stopped along the way so I could snap some photos of one of the dinosaurs down in the Dinosaur World park. A couple of years back I was driving along and got quite the shock when I saw the creature in an otherwise natural Ozark setting.
Here are some more shots from that frosty hayfield east of Ludwig on the morning of October 30.
Friday, November 2 was the last week day of my fall vacation. I was tired from three long hikes that week and decided to go on a road trip, looking for fall color and trying to locate some small Ozark communities I’d read about in a couple of Neil Compton books.
I drove to Eureka Springs then headed east toward Berryville. I pulled off at an overlook and snapped some photos of a neat sunbeam scene.
Past Berryville I turned south onto Highway 103 and drove through the Rule and Osage communities. At some point south of Rule I passed a hillside pasture with a bald eagle perched high in a dead tree. I found a place to turn around then drove to a spot in the road just uphill and pulled off. I tried to remain calm as I got the camera ready to get a shot of the eagle against a background of colorful fall foliage. But as I was putting the camera on the tripod the great bird flew away.
South of Osage I stopped to snap some photos of two horses grazing. One of those shots is at the top of this page. I stayed on Highway 103 until it intersected with Highway 43 near Boxley. From there it was the normal drive through Clarksville to home.

And of course I made the occasional trip to Lee Cree Park at sunset. Monday, November 12 was pretty nice.