Long Pool
December 4, 2003

I had the entire week off from work, but Darrel and I came in from deer camp mid-week because it looked like rain was moving in. There were some geocaches I had put off going after because I wanted to get them while I was at deer camp, so I decided I would spend the day finding them instead of staying at home. There were four of them, and they were at Long Pool campground, Falling Water Falls, Six Fingers Falls, and Richland Creek campground.
I took Hwy 164 East from Clarksville towards Long Pool. Always nice to drive on a highway I've never been on before, especially one with as much good scenery as this one. I spotted this unusual bluff off to the left. The terrain was generally flat and then suddenly here's a hill that's rounded on one half and a flat bluff face on the other half. I looked it up on a topo map once I got back home and it's got a name - Ladd Bluff, and it sits right next to Big Piney Creek. When I turned North onto Old Hwy 7 towards Long Pool I passed the round side of the formation, and it looks like any other hill. I've always wanted to canoe the Big Piney. Hopefully some day I will, and can see the bluff close up.
At Long Pool campground I first set out to find a 44-foot waterfall listed in Tim Ernst's guidebook. Downhill from the big fall I came upon a beautiful four-foot moss-covered waterfall, or at least the location of one - there was only a little water dripping down it. Up the hill a short way was the overhang area where the big fall is. The overhang was awesome, but there wasn't much to the waterfall - the amount of water falling was about the same as rainfall. On the hike back I took a wrong turn and found myself up on the hill looking down on the most amazing emerald pool in the creek. The picture above was taken there.
When I got back to the truck I stopped to have a cup of coffee and a granola bar and it was then that I looked around and realized how nice the campground was.  A lot of the sites were shaded by a mixture of pines and hardwoods, the pines adding a lot of green to the overall scene. You could see the creek below and the bluffs and hills on the other side of the creek too. On top of all that, I had the entire campsite to myself. The only sound was the water going over the rapids in the shallow areas of the creek.