Mount Magazine
February 10-11, 2006

We had no idea Mount Magazine would be covered with snow when Joey and I drove up for a quick Friday afternoon photo road trip. A series of rain showers had just moved through the river valley, and I thought our chances of finding afternoon fog below the mountain were pretty good. When we left Van Buren, temperatures were warm - the upper 40s - so snow never entered our minds.
As usual, we were running late and the sun was close to setting as we pulled into the Cameron Bluff overlook. With the light and colors fading fast, I didn’t have time to walk around looking for scenes to photograph. I just took pictures of stuff in the immediate area that captured my attention.
Joey and I weren’t the only ones taking pictures that evening... 50 miles to the north, author and nature photographer Tim Ernst was documenting the same remarkable sunset clouds. He would later publish them on page 8 of his Buffalo River Dreams book.
Rarely do we have the opportunity to take pictures of snowy landscapes, so we headed back down to Mount Magazine Saturday morning.  We parked at the Brown Springs picnic area and walked to nearby Mount Magazine Cascade. We made a half-hearted attempt to walk down beside the cascade, but the steep terrain was choked with dead vines and sticker bushes, and with the snow on top of all that it just wasn’t worth it. I said something along the lines of “The heck with this!” and Joey was in agreement.
When we got back up to the trail, we continued walking west. Temperatures had dropped like a rock overnight and there was a stinging wind blowing steadily in our faces. Joey announced that he was going back to the truck; I lasted maybe five minutes longer.
We drove over to the parking area above Mount Magazine Falls. The wind wasn’t bad there, so we walked down to check out the falls. I suppose we were hoping for some magical winter scene of a snow-laden frozen waterfall, but what we found was a thin layer of water running over dark rock. We had to cut short our adventure since we both had to go in to work.