Winter Snapshots
February 12, 2006

It’s hard to get away from work to go take pictures when the sun sets at 5:30, but somehow that’s what Joey and I accomplished on Thursday, January 19. We ran down to the Arkansas River at Lee Creek Park at the edge of town. Considering our business and the time of year, most likely we returned to work afterwards.
The afternoon of Saturday, January 28, I made a quick trip after work to Lee Creek Reservoir to hike the Crack-in-the-Rock trail and see one of the waterfalls at the top of the loop. Conditions were my favorite: the sky was overcast to the point of being a bit dark, it was foggy, and the woods were wet from recent heavy rains. I only had enough time to snap a few pictures then get back to the trailhead before dark.
One week later, on my way home from work I detoured to Lee Creek Park. I often do that when it looks like there might be a nice sunset.  A band of clouds at the horizon turned a blazing hot red, and I shot some pictures from the front seat of my truck.
I had the full moon of February 12 marked on my calendar, mainly because a month earlier I had to endure the frustration of watching a perfect early-evening full moon rising while I made a 3-hour drive back from Oklahoma City without my camera. So this time I was sitting at Clear Creek Park waiting for the moon to come up in the northeast over the tall Cottonwood trees. The purple glow of winter dusk wasn’t as deep as last month’s full moon, but it was still a nice scene.