Mount Magazine
February 15, 2004

I got up at five to beat the sunrise to the highest mountain in Arkansas. Snow had been forecast for the area including Mount Magazine. We can’t seem to get any snow at home, so I have to go chase after it. At some point south of Paris I started seeing snow on the ground and in the trees, but the roads were dry. Along the highway past Cove Lake suddenly I was facing the whole mass of Mount Magazine, and it just filled the sky. Even though it was still fairly dark out, the mountain was plainly visible for all the snow on it.

First I drove out to the Petit Jean river valley overlook to hopefully get some sunrise pictures. The view was incredible! The valley below was covered with fog, and the mountains miles away on the other side had a thin layer of snow. It was totally silent except for an occasional whisper of wind through the trees just below the bluff. There wasn’t any color to the sunrise - I think there was too much fog. Once the sun rose I hung out at the overlook for at least half an hour hoping the sun would light up the top of the fog layer down below - but that never happened.

At Cameron Bluff, pictured above, I could hear the rushing of water.  It was coming from a cascade far over on the opposite mountainside. Above it and to the right I could see this huge mass of icicles - they were at least 30 foot tall!