Sunsets & Sunrises
February 17, 2004

For some reason right around the end of December I got bit by a bug to capture some sunrises and sunsets with our new camera. On weekends I've been getting up early and driving somewhere close by to be in the right position for the sunrise. And during the week in the afternoon I've kept an eye on the clouds, and if it looked like there might be a colorful sunset I've headed down to the river or to Lee Creek Reservoir.
Sunrises and sunsets aren't just pretty pictures - they're movies. Plant yourself in one spot and watch the sun quickly go from yellow to orange to red disk then sink below the horizon - and then the real show begins. The undersides of the clouds will start out gray or white, then suddenly change to all sorts of colors. Seeing this change for yourself is just awesome. Sometimes the changes are slow, sometimes fast, sometimes short-lived and sometimes last half an hour or longer.
On the last night that I was out, I waited around 20 minutes after the sun disappeared. It didn't look like anything more was going to happen, and then the clouds went from gray to a deeper red than I thought possible.
The pictures below are in the same order I took them. I didn't get a nice colorful one until the morning of February 8 on the way to Devils Den to see icicles. The color came earlier than I expected and I had to pull off the side of the road at the first decent location.
The afternoon of February 13th I rushed down to Lee Creek Park and set up my tripod on top of a big boulder at the river's edge. The water was smooth so I tried shooting the reflection, and got the purple and pink picture.
I went out two more times, on the evenings of the 16th and 17th, and got some shots I was happy with, and - just like that - I no longer have the bug to photograph sunrises and sunsets. But I still find myself going outside in the mornings and evenings to look at them.