Marinoni Scenic Area
January 10, 2004

Many have said this is the most scenic part of the Ozark Highlands Trail. I hate to admit it, but I rushed through here on the way to find a geocache, and was really short on time and didn't get to appreciate the scenery. I can say that it is a canyon area with big bluffs, lots of huge beech trees and numerous small cascades and waterfalls.
On the drive up I pulled off the side of the road South of Turner Bend to take a crack at taking the standard “old barn out in the middle of a field” picture. Later I took a shortcut to get to the Scenic Area by driving up a forest service road from the South, then walking a jeep road until  in intersected with the Ozark Highlands Trail.
None of the pictures I took inside the Scenic Area are worth showing in public, but since this a journal of our trips to the outdoors I've included some shots along the OHT taken that morning.