Train Trestle Falls
January 18, 2004

It rained all day Friday and continued until Saturday morning, when my rain gauge said 1.7 inches. Time to go visit a waterfall. I got out my copy of Tim Ernst's Arkansas Waterfalls and was reminded that Train Trestle Falls looked interesting.
In the early 1900s a rail line was constructed to haul timber out of the area, and one trestle was located right on the edge of a 31-foot waterfall. All that is left now are some concrete pilings and rusty nuts and bolts, along with some deep cuts into the terrain.
Sunday morning Charles and Jennifer followed me to Turner Bend where we left his SUV,  then took my truck to the Ozark Highlands Trail access point on Ragtown Road.
The sky was overcast and the woods kinda colorless, but halfway through the mile and a half hike we passed a nice watercourse full of moss-covered boulders. We crossed this little wash then followed it down the hill where it formed a small waterfall. Even after all the rain it wasn't running all that much. The trail came to a neat area just above the big falls where the stream forms a series of cascades. I'd like to return in the spring and hopefully get some pictures of the stream tumbling through all the moss, ferns and hydrangea.
At this point we split up; Jennifer stayed with Charles as he got out his camera and tripod for shots of the stream, while I hiked up the trail a short way to see an area where the mountain had to be cut out for the railroad to pass through.
I went back the falls area and could see that Charles had found a way down to the base of the falls. I made it down too, but it wasn't easy.
The clouds all blew away about the time we started the hike back, which made for some great views.