Fern Gully
January 24, 2004

Credit should go to David Medlyn for sharing an awesome new spot with the rest of us through the Geocaching web site. It's a little canyon - near the community of Fern - filled with gigantic boulders and a nice small stream going down the middle.
David posted the following directions to the canyon: "Start by exiting I40 at Hwy 215 North towards White Rock and Shores Lake. You will find the community of Fern listed on most maps. When you pass through Fern Hwy 215 will make a perfect 90 degree turn to the right. Less than a mile you will see a gravel road off to your right, this will be the next turn. Travel down this road about a mile and a half, there will be a clearing and an old road on the right. The correct turn off will have a very large rock blocking the road about 50' in. You can park here or you can drive in further, but 4-wheel drive is recommended."
I rushed out in hopes of being the first to find David's geocache. The terrain at the lip of the canyon is a bit treacherous, but if you take your time and watch for slick spots (dry leaves hiding rocks come to mind) you can make it down and back up pretty easily. I was short on time and didn't get to explore the area much, so it is way up high on my list of places to return to.