Buffalo River
July 12, 2003

It was great to introduce Cliff to my favorite place in the world - the Buffalo River. My buddy Johnny and I used to canoe the river alot, and I hope once the boys get a little bigger we'll start going again.
First we toured both the caves at Mystic Caverns - there were no long lines or long waits and the tours were tastefully lit. Cliff loves caves.
Next we drove south to where Highway 7 crosses the Buffalo, and turned right onto a dirt road on the north side of the river heading West. Our destination was a little-known trail down to the top of Ozark Bluff. Yet another benefit of geocaching. (We don't put physical geocache containers on National River land, but rather do a thing called virtual caches where you prove you found a location by sending in a picture or a clue taken from the area.) The parking spot coordinates are N 36º 03.980 / W 093º 09.496, the trail leads downhill to the overlook at N 36° 03.923 W 093° 09.515.
When we got back to the truck we headed back to the highway, crossed the bridge and pulled into the Pruitt recreation area to go swimming. Cliff made friends with a young lady and they looked for mussel shells.
After an hour we got in the truck to check out the Ozark Bluff recreation area - and again went swimming. There is a certain magic that fills the air on the Buffalo at sunset. The air gets still, all the sounds echo off the bluffs, and somehow your senses get tuned in and focused on your awesome surroundings. I've had this feeling many times on the Buffalo, and I did tonight.
On the way home we stopped at the convenience store in Jasper for some really good pizza and chicken strips, then made one last stop at the "Arkansas Grand Canyon" overlook tower.