Jack Creek
June 21, 2003

This is another great spot that we probably would never have visited were it not for Geocaching. Grant and I first came down here on June 8, and all I can say is - Have you ever tried to find a geocache among a bunch of downed trees while you're holding a 3-year old who hasn't had his nap?
Cliff and I returned a couple of weeks later minus the smallest monkey, and we found the cache without ever turning our GPS receiver on. We don't see how we could have missed it before!
We walked on up to the overlook, and we're glad we did 'cause it's a great spot.
Then we went swimming. This is indeed a great swimming hole. Cliff had his first taste of jumping into a creek from a bluff, and he loved it.
We also walked up to the rapids where the creek feeds the swimming hole. This is a very scenic spot. Upstream we could see two separate streams cascading over rocks before they joined up to form Jack Creek. Looking downstream we got a great view of the bluffs, with the rapids in the foreground. Cliff laid down on his boogie board and made several trips down the rapids.