Campbell Cemetery
March 9, 2003

This was a significant trip because it introduced us to Geocaching, and Geocaching helped us realize over the next few months just how many awesome places there are in the Arkansas outdoors. Most people know Campbell Cemetery as an access point on the Mulberry River for canoeing and kayaking. We've been here a few times over the years. Soon after Stacey and I got married I went on an overnight float trip on the Fourth of July with my buddy Burl, and Campbell Cemetery is where we put in. More recently, a few years ago Cliff and I had been on our annual blackberry-picking trip (he was four or five) and I had promised him we would stop somewhere and go swimming. We wound up at the Campbell Cemetery put-in and found a nice deep hole of water just upstream. I know we were there over an hour and Cliff still didn't want to leave!
Back to the present. Here's what I posted on the Geocaching web site:
Our family had a great time on this, our first geocaching trip. The roads were good enough even for a car, and the mountains and The Mulberry were beautiful. Dad used his Garmin GPS III+ to get us in the right area, and Mom used the hint to get us close. (Very clever hint, by the way.) Our 7-year old took over and found the cache, with our 3-year old on him like glue. The boys took Stretchy Frog and Lizard of course, and we left some sidewalk chalk and a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. Afterwards we walked down to the river and watched a couple of kayakers practicing their moves while the boys threw rocks into the water.