Mount Nebo
March 15, 2003

As I write about our trip to Mount Nebo one year later, I can say that this was the pivotal moment when I figured out there was much better ways to enjoy the outdoors than to hang out in the same deer woods year after year. This was strongly reinforced three days later when I attended a Tim Ernst slide program in Fort Smith, saw amazing photos of some of our state's scenic wonders, and picked up the Arkansas Waterfalls guidebook.
That's not to say I hadn't been a few places over the years. I used to canoe the upper Buffalo several times a year. I've hiked down to Hemmed-In Hollow from above. I've been to King's River falls a few times. But somehow, none of those trips left me with the feeling that I have now - which is that there are places so awesome that they must be seen.
Cliff, Brad and I came to Mount Nebo to find only our second geocache since starting the sport. (It has remained on the list of our all-time favorites.) We parked on the west side of the mountain top near some cabins, and dropped downhill to pick up the Summit Park Trail. The first interesting thing was that the floor of the trail was made of big flat rocks, laid down in the 1930s by the CCC. The original craftsmanship combined with years of weathering made this look almost natural.
But what amazed me was the huge boulder field where we searched for the geocache. There were hundreds upon hundreds of boulders covering the hillside, with some house-sized giants also. I'd never seen anything like it.
Afterwards we took in the views at Sunrise Point, the lookout beside the visitor center, and Sunset Point.