Kings Bluff
March 7, 2004

Man it is great to get out again! I've been so busy with work and building this web site that I haven't been outdoors in almost three weeks. It's even better to have Cliff out and about with me too. We've kept him home while it's been cold outside.
Last spring we came up and did both the Kings Bluff and Pedestal Rocks hikes, but it was so foggy we couldn't even see across to the other side of the valley. And at the Pedestal Rocks area the foliage blocked a lot of views, so I vowed to return when the leaves were off.  I've just been waiting for a good rain to come back to Kings Bluff so I could catch the falls in action.
We found a trail going down below the bluff and wound up seeing three nice smaller falls. To the south of the big fall there was a stream that went down a shorter part of the bluff. It cascaded for nine feet then fell another nine. Just downhill the same stream formed a nice 20-foot fall, and there was a deep shelter behind it. Downstream from the big fall there was a pretty 8-foot waterfall just up the hill.
When we were up here last time we must have taken the wrong trail on the return trip, because I sure don't remember all the cool rock formations along the trail.
We got back to the truck a lot sooner than I expected so I drove to Falling Water Falls. We were there in 12 minutes. The falls were going a little stronger than when I was there in December, but I wasn't inspired to get out the camera.
On the way home we passed Haw Creek campground right around sunset so I pulled in to see how the falls there were running. I think you could call it perfect. Water was going over the entire north side of the falls. Any more water would have been too much.