Lake Wedington Trail
May 10, 2003

High up on my list of scenic places to go has been a small section of the seven-mile-long trail that runs through the Ozark National Forest north of Lake Wedington. I read about it in Tim Ernst's Arkansas Hiking Trails guidebook. This extra-scenic portion of the trail is right next to a county road, which made it sound even better.
We were in the woods only a couple of minutes, already following a nice bluff line, when the trail made a U-turn and passed through a corridor with massive rocks on either side of the trail. The big picture below is of this area.  The trail soon made another U-turn and went up on top of a narrow flat ridge with lots of wildflowers and several nice overlooks. The trail took advantage of a split in the bluff to lead us down the other side of the ridge to the base of the bluffs. There were several places where we walked between the bluff and huge boulders that had split off the bluff. Cliff found a turtle and carried it the rest of the afternoon. At one point the sky suddenly got dark and it came a downpour. We took shelter underneath one of the many overhangs along the bluff line.