Lost Valley
May 11, 2003

Mother's Day found us on an all-day trip to The Glory Hole and Lost Valley with Darrel, Wanda, James, Melinda, Brad, Cait and Callie. It was a little on the cool side on the hike down to The Glory Hole, but the walking warmed us up, especially the continuous ascent back.
Everyone made it down below the bluff o.k. and got to see the Glory Hole running well. Cliff and I had been here two weeks earlier so it wasn't as exciting for us.
The first order of business at Lost Valley was lunch. There was a strong wind at the campground which made it surprisingly cold. Once we had lunch and started down the trail we were o.k. though. Everyone was amazed at some of the oddly-formed sycamores and beeches and we took plenty of pictures with us in them. I looked for the Siamese Beeches but never spotted them. The Jigsaw Blocks were hard to miss though.
Somehow everyone got ahead of me, and when I arrived at the pool below the natural bridge Cliff was wading in the water and Stacey was holding a soaked Grant, who had somehow slipped and fell all the way in. Darrel went back with her to the car to get Grant into some dry clothes. It's a shame they missed all the great stuff further down the trail.
The rest of us almost missed the most amazing feature at Lost Valley, Cob Cave. It is deceptively unimpressive from the outside. On the way to Lower Eden Falls, which is right beside the cave (actually a huge open room beneath 200-foot tall bluff), Cliff for some reason went down inside. Now Cliff is a little hard to impress, so when he said "Hey Dad, you need to come in here, it's really cool" it got my attention. Brad and I went  in and I was truly amazed. I went over to James, Melinda, Cait and Callie, who were at the falls, and told them they had to come see it. The picture at the top of this page is from inside Cob Cave. The yellow circle around Cliff is to show the scale of the place.
Finally we all hiked up to the entrance of Eden Falls Cave, and James, Brad, Cliff and I had a couple of flashlights and made the short crawl to the cave inside. The waterfall inside was running well.