Places That Must Be Seen
May 15, 2004

There I was early Saturday morning, about to finally see the spot that was number one on my list of Places That Must Be Seen, and I found myself saying it's not supposed to be like this - I'm supposed to be having fun. But that's what happens when the only two hours of sleep you get is in the tiny back seat of an extended cab pickup, then you hike almost three miles in wet shoes with a heavy camera backpack tugging at your shoulders.
The Twin Falls of Devils Fork lived up to their giant reputation and exceeded my expectations, and for a while I forgot how tired I was. Several times a particular sight would just stop me in my tracks, and I would say out loud how awesome it was, I guess because I had to say it and there was no else around to say it to.
Near the end of the hike back to Hill Cemetery, I again questioned the sanity of pushing myself so darn hard. But I brightened up when I considered how big an accomplishment it was to have placed myself and the camera at the falls at just the right time and under just the right conditions for taking pictures. It was no accident that I was there after a big rain, with the forecast calling for overcast skies, and it early enough for a good chance of having the falls all to myself.