Phipps Hollow
May 15, 2007
Another isolated spring shower, another quick trip after work to catch a waterfall at its best. Cliff and I pulled out of our driveway at 5:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, and made it to this little double-drop waterfall along Fanes Creek Road by 7. And that included the required stop at Turner Bend Store for “pig chips”, drinks and candy. Cliff is old enough to be let loose on his own, and he was all over that little hollow! I spent a while on a narrow shelf on the north side of the hollow, trying to find a good angle for a photo, and I spotted Cliff crawling behind the top part of the waterfall a couple of times, and twice he surprised me by coming up to me on my side from downstream.
Next I went down to stream level and took some pictures from under the shelf I had just been on top of. The overhang is deep enough to form a shelter of sorts to the side of, and behind, the waterfall. Cliff approached me asking for the truck keys because he’d found some interesting crystalline mineral redeposits he wanted to keep. He said the fragile white material “was on the side of a rock growing” and he broke it off.
We ran out of daylight quickly down in the narrow hollow, and I only had time to try a few shots from the other side of the stream.
Back on the north side Cliff and I walked in a downstream direction, looking for a spot to climb out of the hollow. I noticed an armadillo walking just ahead of us, near the base of a small 8-foot side waterfall. Cliff snuck up on it just so he could touch its shell! We had to turn around at that point but found a rock ledge barely low enough that we could climb up on it and walk back the short distance to the truck.