One morning in the spring of 2001 I found myself alone at an amazing spot on the Kings River, and it occurred to me that I wanted to have some kind of record of all the great places I'd been in the Arkansas outdoors - mainly to pass on to my boys someday. The underlying message would be something along the lines of "here are some really cool places I've been, and I hope you get to see them someday, and here's exactly how to get to them."
I thought a computer format such as a web page would be an effective method. That way I could merge words with pictures, and possibly even video.
A couple of things have changed from that original concept three years ago to this finished web site. First of all, thanks to the internet and some great local authors, I don't have to include directions to most of the places featured here. But mostly, I'm only now discovering how many awesome destinations exist in our big Arkansas back yard - just as my boys are getting old enough to go with me. And so the underlying message is: Here are some really cool places we've been together, and I hope you return someday with your kids.
John Moore
March 22, 2004
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