Haw Creek
November 15, 2003

I was invited to go along with Charles, Barbara and Morgan on a hike to Pack Rat Falls, which is up a little canyon near the Haw Creek Campground. Charles had read about it and the nearby Haw Creek Falls in Tim Ernst's Arkansas Waterfalls guidebook. I was doubly appreciative of the invitation considering my left arm was in a sling for the next five weeks. A year ago if somebody had told me that I'd be going hiking in the middle of the 2003 deer season I'd have told them they were crazy!
There were some nice splashes of fall color in the trees here and there as we drove closer to Haw Creek. If I had known it was the last color I'd see this fall I would have asked Charles to pull over so we could get some pictures.
After checking out the falls at the campground we headed up the canyon to Pack Rat Falls. It was my kind of weather for being out in the woods - cloudy, foggy, and everything was wet. Pack Rat Falls were only dripping but I think everyone enjoyed the hike anyway.
When we got back to the car we decided to drive down Highway 123 a short distance to try and find the trail to Pam's Grotto Falls. Somehow we missed seeing the trail even though we walked into the woods right beside it. We walked up a little creek a short ways but then decided it would be better to try again another day - there wasn't any water in the creek anyway.
Once back at the car we noticed that we were parked just up above Haw Creek. We walked downhill and spent another 30 minutes taking pictures.