Beaver, AR
& Miner’s Rock
November 22, 2003

Another day for finding cool places we would probably have never known about if not for geocaching. Both of these places piqued my interest because of all the comments on the geocaching web site. Beaver is a little town on the bank of Table Rock Lake, and features a wood and wire-cable suspension bridge over the White River that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Cliff, Grant and I walked down a walking trail beside the river to a bluff on the bank that is a popular picnic spot. On the way back we stopped at the stone Beaver Spring house near the parking area.
Along the highway going north to Beaver, I’m pretty sure I spotted a grove of Ashe’s Juniper on the left. This is a rare tree similar to cedar that only grows in certain places. It is one of only a handful of Arkansas trees that I haven’t got in my leaf collection. We didn’t stop to get a sample, but now I think I know where I can go to get one.
Our next destination was Lake Leatherwood, located West of Eureka Springs. Along one of the hiking trails was supposed to be some unique rock formation. We didn't know what it looked like, because no geocachers had posted any pictures on the web site. But the geocaching web site was full of comments about how interesting the rock formation was. One cacher said the rock reminded him of a "fossilized flying saucer crash". This we had to see.
The boys loved climbing all over it. They kept picking up piles of leaves and throwing them through the hole in the rock. Near the hole was a tree that seems to have figured out beforehand that it needed to make a couple of turns in order to clear the rock.