Deer Camp
November 28, 2003

Every Fall since 1986 I've been camping out in the same spot near Kilgore Gap. Through the years my camping and hunting buddies have taken different paths in life that lead them away from our deer camp; and for the past few years I've worried that I'd be the only one left, but the man upstairs always seems to make sure I have company.
Last Fall, Darrel had to give up the campsite he's had for no telling how long - 20 years if I had to guess - and came up with me. This year if Darrel hadn't been there I guess there wouldn't have been a camp.
And what a camp it was!  I won't go in to details, but thanks to Darrel, to be any more comfortable we'd have to stay at the Holiday Inn! Cliff was there, of course, when school would allow. It's hard to believe, but this was his fifth year to come up. He spent his first night at deer camp when he was only three. Brad also got to come up over Thanksgiving break. We wish his busy schedule would allow him more time to be up there with us. The same goes for many of my friends who've been at deer camp over the years.