Falling Water
November 29, 2003

We made three visits to Falling Water Falls within a week starting November 29. The first photo below is just a snapshot I took the first morning, but it's special to me because when I see it I am reminded of the powerful experience of seeing and hearing the falls for the first time.
I doubt Cliff sees it the same way though. After a two-hour ride from deer camp, we'd been at the falls no more than 90 seconds when Cliff stomped on an ice-covered puddle of water above the falls until the ice broke, and he slipped and slid into the water and got the back of his pants wet all the way up to his seat. And it was the coldest morning we'd had yet - it got down to 20 the night before. I gave him the keys to the truck and told him to start the heater and get out of his wet clothes while I set out for a geocache that was supposed to be under the ledge on the opposite side of the creek.  As soon as I had crossed the creek I turned around to see Cliff coming back from the truck. He couldn't miss out on a treasure hunt.
I returned alone on the morning of December 1st before daybreak to take pictures, having left out of deer camp at 4 o'clock. All the other pictures of Falling Water Falls on this page are from that morning.
Then on the 4th I went on an all-day caching and waterfall hunting trip at other sites farther down Falling Water Creek. On the drive back I stopped to check out this beautiful little fall in a feeder creek downstream from Falling Water Falls. The last three photos below are from there. It was past sundown when I took the pictures, but the camera does a good job of lightening things up. I still had the sling on my left arm, so it was a challenge to climb out of that little ravine loaded down with camera equipment.