Fall Snapshots
November 30, 2005

As I was filling up my gas tank Saturday evening, October 8, I noticed what looked like white clouds of falling rain in the southeast. I still had my camera with me from the excursion at Devil’s Den that morning, so I headed to the river bottoms outside of town to take some pictures. To my surprise, at sunset those rain clouds turned pink.
Two weeks later, when I got home after work October 22, Stacey and the boys weren’t there so I grabbed the camera and headed for a spot on the river upstream from Lee Creek. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! It was the most colorful sunset I’d ever seen, and some guys in a boat came up the river and added a much-welcomed element to the pictures I shot.
The first week in November I flew with three co-workers to New York state for training at Xerox headquarters. I managed to get out and enjoy some of the local scenery. We rented a car for the week, and the first evening there Charles and I drove to Powder Mill Park near our hotel in Pittsford. I followed a hiking trail a short distance into the woods and found myself in the middle of a fantastic stand of huge Sugar Maples. Many of their leaves had fallen, making the ground a soft golden carpet. Another evening we visited Genesee Valley Park and walked among its towering old trees.
We drove to downtown Rochester one night for dinner at Dinosaur Bar B Que, then set out to find the pedestrian bridge below High Falls - a wide, 96-foot tall waterfall on the Genessee River located right in downtown. We hadn’t known about the falls prior to the trip, so when Charles and I both spotted the waterfall from the plane as were about to land, we were both like “Did you see THAT?!” Once we were back home we learned of an even taller fall - Lower Falls - a short distance downstream, that was accessible from a city park.
The Friday night before our flight home, Ken, Charles and I drove to Niagara Falls. We had dinner at Table Rock Restaurant, where our window-side table gave us a view of the falls. We stayed until the nightly illumination of the falls commenced, and got to see a fireworks display.
We had to get up at 4 a.m. to be at the airport on time. To make the story of a long, long day short, there were technical problems with three of our planes, and we didn’t get back to Fort Smith until sometime after 9 that night. I couldn’t help but snap some pictures from the plane window as we cleared the cloud cover south of Chicago.
I was so busy with work the rest of the month that I didn’t get outdoors much, though I just happened to have the camera in the truck on November 30th and was able to record the incredible sunset.