Falling Water Creek
November 6, 2005

As soon as we turned off the pavement and onto dirt road, I let the boys ride in the bed of the truck. That always puts smiles on their faces. In ten minutes we were pulling off the side of the road at Falling Water Falls. There was just a thin stream going over the ledge, but it was still another playground for us all. The rocky stream bed was thick with Witch Hazel bushes, whose green leaves had mostly turned a bright yellow. A whimsical Sycamore tree had four trunks growing from the same base. We didn’t stay long; I had one more stop in mind.
It would be a shame to be two-and-a-half hours from home and not drive a few miles farther down the road to Six Finger Falls. None of the fingers had more than a trickle of water running down them. Joey noticed that the wide, shallow pool upstream of the falls was several inches deep, and asked why there wasn’t more water running down the falls. He then realized that the channel at the end of the pool was choked with fallen leaves. He and the boys went about clearing the channel, setting free at least a thousand gallons. Suddenly we had waterfalls! While Joey and I got out our cameras, the boys started building rock and leaf dams in other channels in the shale stream bed. We stayed until we ran out of light. Both the boys were asleep before we reached the highway.
Joey’s incredible shrinking machine: