Pinnacle Mountain
October 22, 2003

Pinnacle Mountain was high on my list of places to hike, but I didn't know when I would feel up to making the drive all the way there, much less con any one else besides Cliff into going with me. So when Charles and I had to go to Little Rock for a work-related matter I conned him into making a detour to the mountain on the drive home.
There are few times I've ever been scared while hiking or bushwhacking, but while I was taking the picture at the top of this page I was pretty shaken. We were on a narrow spine near the pinnacle, and off to my left was a steep 200-foot decline of solid rock. You would tumble to your death instead of just falling. Looking at the first picture below of the mountain in the distance with the field in the foreground further illustrates what I'm trying to say I think.
On the hike back down I made a detour over to a huge rock field on the Western side of the mountain. We don't have rock fields like this in the Ozarks - it almost looks man-made.
On the drive home we took the back roads to Morrilton, and enjoyed some great views of the mountains. I'm not sure if we were in the river valley or the Ouachitas - I know that the mountains had a different look than what I'm used to seeing North of the river valley.