Lee Creek Reservoir Trails
October 5-7, 2005
Three evenings in a row I went after work to Lee Creek Reservoir to enjoy the scenery either along the hiking trails or on the lake. Joey accompanied me on the first one; we hiked the Homestead Trail. We saw hundreds of French Mulberry bushes loaded with purple berries. The trail made a loop around the site of an old homeplace.  We found a small bluff overlook facing west. Because of the drought, instead of water below the bluff there was dry lake bed with the original stream in the middle. I told Joey this might be a great spot for a sunset if the water was back up to normal. The trail also passed along the top of some interesting rock formations I’d like to revisit
Thursday I went back, but took a right turn where the Crack-in-the-Rock Trail splits off from the Homestead Trail. It seems there’s always something to see at the spot where the trail crosses underneath a large power line next to a small stream (it’s probably the combination of extra sunlight and water).  A big garden spider hung patiently on its web, built among the stalks of Aster and Gum Plant flowers. Leaves on a vine next to the stream were turning a nice golden color. I went as far as a scenic little pool next to rock outcrop on a larger creek, but I was running out of daylight and had to turn back.
Stacey and the boys were off somewhere Friday evening, and the sky looked promising for a good sunset, so I headed back to the reservoir. I needed to find a spot on the shore east of the parking area. Normally I have to hike through tall grass to get to that area, but the water level was so low that I was able to walk on dry lake bed. I passed a rusty wheel with some yellow flowers growing out of the hub. After the sun set, a large cloud to the west turned some gorgeous shades of orange.