Cove Lake
September 21, 2003

What a great way to start off fall! Grant had been asking me constantly to go camping - and this time my schedule was open so I said “OK!” when he asked me Friday night. You should have seen the look of surprise on his face. Saturday morning the boys went with Stacey to Darrell’s to get some fishing worms while I loaded up the truck. We got to the camping area at Cove Lake around lunch time and found one of the more desirable campsites open.
After setting up camp, eating lunch, fishing, and going to the playground several times we drove up the highway to Mount Magazine to check out the new visitor center and Cameron Bluff.
That night an owl woke us up, and Stacey thought that was just the coolest thing. She had to make sure I was awake to hear it.
The next morning the boys made toast over the fire to go with our breakfast, then after a couple more trips to the playground we broke down camp and left. Before going home we drove over to Shoal Bay park to check out the Bridge Rock, but that’s another story.