September 23, 2005
We managed to get in a few road trips during the summer season. Stacey went to Berkeley for a workshop the third week in June; that Monday evening the boys and I drove to the Lock and Dam at Barling because conditions looked right for a summer haze red-ball sunset. We were right, and Cliff snapped a picture with our old point-and-shoot digital camera from the roadside on the Crawford County side.
The next evening we drove up to Mount Magazine to watch the full moon rise from the south overlook. It looked like there was going to be an awesome sunset, so on the way we drove over to the Cameron Bluff overlook, but as the sun got low on the horizon the haze was inpenetrable.
Likewise the full moon wasn’t even visible when it first rose, then as it got higher it appeared as a dull pink ball. Grant grabbed the old point-and-shoot and snapped a picture of Cliff and the moon.
Eighteen hundred miles away,  Stacey was sightseeing near the Golden Gate Bridge.
On the last Friday in July, Stacey and Wanda took the boys to the animal safari in Gentry. Then they drove a short distance into Oklahoma to see the 77-foot waterfall at Natural Falls State Park.
Friday  September 23, Joey and I had been keeping an eye on the weather hoping some promising sunset conditions would hold up. I checked the weather satellite images online and was surprised to see one of the spiral arms of Hurricane Rita, which had moved inland, over Arkansas. The arm was rotating and headed in our direction. I told Joey our only hope was to drive north so that the arm was above us and not blocking the setting sun to the west.
We drove up Highway 59 and it looked like my plan might work, except the sun was sinking fast and we couldn’t find an interesting shooting location. We turned east on Highway 62 toward Lincoln and spotted a barn that worked out. The sunset turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.